23 05 2007

d *Some photos from the SKY to the MOoN* b

Aunque no lo parezca, me da mucha vergüenza poner fotos mías… pero si hay ke hacer un esfuerzo se hace   ajjaja

Yesterday PingPong session … d fois je comprends pas comment tu fait pour me supporter, merci mc !! 😉


                                                    Prison break e01 s03 !!! lol you recognize Scofield??  XDD


                                               My Little nephew and me last year at Torrevieja (Alicante)

                                                                 (saying goodbye to all of his “fans” lool)



12 05 2007


J’aime everything related to skate, and I’m always ready to try something new. This was my first day of ice-skating         It isn’t very different from roller skating, but my ice-skates had a break in the front of the bladec I didn’t notice that, and I fall once when I was going quite fast.  This photo was taken just after I felt; if you look at it, you can see that I have a lot of snow on my clothes!!!  loool  

P.S: thankyou to Olivier that took me ice-skating for the first time. I hope we’ll repeat it soon!! 😉

                                                                                                                      [25/02/07] Patinoire de Boulogne 


5 05 2007

HELLO AGAIN !!!! This 3 photos are a RESPONSE to CHRISTIAN c no this is NOT only a ROLLER BLOG, if so, I WOULD HAVE CALLED it roller ZONE This photos were taken two weeks ago when my  DADY was doing one of his last flights at IBERIA (…) I don’t have the purpose of telling MY LIFE (RTL lol) but this was a really special moment for me…!!!

                                                                                                                             [08/04/2007]    At the cockpit


3 05 2007


I KNOW that it LOOKS like I’M ALWAYS with my ROLLER-SKATES ON, but the FACT is THAT it’s TRUE cthat’s why I’ve NAMED this web crazy ZONE lol you’ll understand if YOU take a look on this crazys FACES !!!!;)                                                          


                                      [20/01/2007] PAOLO and me after SOME SHOPPING…