9 05 2007

Part of my university has been blocked today as a way to protest against the reforms that the president Nicolas Sarkozy proposes for the university.

Nevertheless, I don’t think this situation is going to last very long, most of the students want to restart the classes and think that this measure is useless.

But this is not the first demonstration that takes place In Paris after the election. In “the Bastille square”for example, near 3000 people participated in a violent disturbance Sunday evening.

These days, in France, many people seems to have forgotten two of their principal values, liberty and fraternity, when talking about politics people gets really angry, they even shout and insult each other!

I prefer not to show my personal ideas about the question. Anyway I think everyone will agree c violence won’t solve any problem.


                            [09/05/2007] University Paris1 Pantheon-Sorbonne (Tolbiac) by “le Monde fr”


                                                                                                                                        Riots at Batille Sunday evening:

 The nice* face:

[06/05/2007] Lionel and I, Sunday evening, after the concert for Sarkozy at “la place de la Concorde” where at least 10000 voices shouted “vive Sarko”.  Photo taken by two beautiful girls!!! Tiruriruriruri … (quelqu’un comprendra…;))



[06/05/2007] Astonished, we saw how two partisans of Sarkozy climbed this street lamp to get a better view of the president!!



7 05 2007

SARKOZY HAS BEEN ELECTED AS THE FUTURE* PRESIDENT OF THE FRENCH REPUBLIC  with 53% of votes. But not everybody got happy when they learned from this piece of news yesterday evening…

This 53% means that there is 47% of French who have lost in this sort of democratic game. What’s more, between those who have voted, no matter Sarkozy or Royale, there’s an invisible number of people that have chosen a candidate that they don’t actually like so much

c they felt obliged to make a choice in a country that doesn’t count blank ballot papers(votos en blanco).

When I realize this, I can’t help thinking that the problem is the Democracy itself but I cannot conceive a solution


One of the trucks that the police used yesterday to “prevent” demonstrations against the new president…